Troubleshooting and resolving Malwarebytes Issues

Why is Malwarebytes software not working on your computer system? Whenever you try to run quick scan, it freezes and becomes unresponsive. The entire computer system then becomes unresponsive. Even the task manager fails to close it and you find no other option but to press the Restart button of your computer. Is there anything wrong with the computer system or with the Malwarebytes software? Well, the Malwarebaytes, undoubtedly, provides highly lavish and elegant features; however, like all the other similar software, it is not free from certain issues. But there is nothing to worry. The Malwarebytes tech support engineers are available round the clock. As and when required, the Malwarebytes tech support experts can be contacted for technical support to solve the issues.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes

One of the best alternatives to solve several Malwarebytes issues is uninstall and reinstall the Malwarebytes software. The scanning problem, freezing issue, difficulty in updating, and unresponsiveness of the software etc can be solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling the software. It is not at all a tough task, nor will it take much time in uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Moreover, the Malwarebytes customer support experts are at the closest disposal and they can be accessed for support in case of difficulties.

 Run the Malwarebytes in safe mode with networking

For this, you are required to open the computer in ‘Safe mode with networking’ and log on to windows with the normal username. You can then download Malwarebytes anti-malware. When you double click the mbam-setup.exe, you will see the onscreen prompt for installing the software. Having completed the installation of the software, you need to click ‘Scan now’ button on the dashboard. If there are any updates, you can see it on the screen. Click the ‘Update now’ button if there are any updates. If any threats are detected, you can remove all the threats. In needed, you should reboot the computer system. This may solve the issues with the Malwarebytes, and if the issue still persists; you can contact the Malwarebytes Customer Support professionals and get the solution.

Using the troubleshooting links

The Malwarebytes also provides the troubleshooting links for almost every issue occurring with the software. The troubleshooting links are quite simple and clear to understand. You can follow the step by step instruction and solve the technical issues using these troubleshooting methods. And, if you face any confusion, you have the full freedom to dial the Malwarebytes support phone number and get technical support.

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